• More White Privilege

      More White Privilege

      By GayLord Jacobs

      An Edgewater Florida woman, Brittany Bonin, who friends suggests suffers from mental illness and self esteem issues, became upset with her ex- boyfriend, Michael DeMalia. Therefore, Brittany barged into Michael’s home, obliterated his fish tank, set his house ablaze, chased him across the street and then lunged towards him with a knife.

      During her non-specialist pole vault, she encountered off duty Captain Cliff Williams, an African American, 30-year veteran of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Realizing that Brittany was armed with a knife, the off duty deputy tactically took her to the ground thereby preventing her from stabbing her ex. As such, Ms. Brittany stabbed him instead!
      At this point, Deputy Williams issued Brittany a firm punch to the face in an effort to cause her to drop the weapon. Flabbergasted by the nerve of this gentleman laying hands upon her, trust and believe, mentally ill or not; she was not too goddamn frazzled by any temporary insanity to forget to say to the Deputy “Nigger…You must feel pretty good about yourself…you just hit a little white girl.” I swear people; I am not picking up on any self esteem issues here!

      Anyway…While Brittany was still on the ground struggling with the sheriff’s deputy, Michael, who was distraught over his home burning down, attempted to pry the knife from Brittany’s hand. It was at this time that this horrible, horriblethespian, aside from trying to bite Michael, went on to inform him that she hoped that his baby daughterdied in the fire. This motherfucking she-devil!

      Unbelievably, Brittany’s friends declare her the nicest,kindest,most beautiful, soft spoken, mild manneredspirit that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Bullshit! Ted Bundywas a charmer and well, we all saw how that shit ended!

      Brittany’s posse’ of imbeciles argues to blame a dysfunctional upbringing on her behavior in this particular instance. Cited in examples of Brittany being an outstanding person is an occasion where she was hailed as a law abiding citizendue to reuniting lost jewelry to its rightful owner. Another glowing attribute is that she has never so much as gotten a traffic ticket. Hmmm, okay…

      People, I ask you “who gives a fuck!?” So what she returned property to its rightful owner! There are lots of honest people in the world! And so what she has never gotten a traffic ticket! Maybe she can just fucking drive better than the rest of us! Whatever the case, you shouldn’t get any fucking rewards for being a law abiding citizen! That should be the fucking norm! Sure, we all become a tad bit self-willed and undisciplined at times. ESPECIALLY when it comes to failed relationships! But wayward behavior does NOT entail setting someone’s home on fire, telling them that you hope that their child perishes in that fire, attempting to stab someone that you “love”, and then stabbing a police officer! Get the fuck out of here!

      An abundance of people hate their exes. Hell, you may hate their entire GODDAMN FAMILY! ESPECIALLY their mother! But you don’t try to kill them! A whole lot of people hate the Police. But, outside of calling them a few fucking names, and occasionally throwing some shit at them, you don’t try to kill them either!

      These moronic Brittany supporters claim that, because her ex cheated on her, used her for consensual sex, strung her along regarding their relationship, and ignored her cries for help when she threatened (many times) to commit suicide, she should basically be given a pass! Yeah, whatever!

      You know what... Behind closed doors, I bet Brittany’s ex saw a side of her that her friends are completely oblivious to! He was probably scared to outright leave her ass! And the whole suicide thing; well, if she really wanted to commit suicide, she’d be dead already! She would not currently be backpedaling and rallying for understanding and mercy! The real here…jealousy and drama got the best of her when she realized that her ex had moved on!

      Trolls like Brittany are responsible for creating societal struggles for those who genuinely suffer from mental illness, who are genuinely contemplating suicide, and who genuinely require the attentions necessary to help them get to a better place!

      The fact that she has been law abiding and that her mental health status has never been challenged prior to these events tells you that, this fucking cow knew exactly what she was doing when shewasdoing it! Sure, people have mental breaks, but they don’t have mental breaks and then regain their sanity just because they got caught! But in this case, actually getting caughtis what sobered (in her own words) little white girlup! Nevertheless, she’s still got that white thingon lock!

      Visualizing this fuckery… I can dismiss the ex boyfriend wanting Brittany’s sentence reduced. They have a history. I can also dismiss the sheriffs’ deputy wanting her sentence reduced. Not because they have history, but because I understand that, as a Police Officer, he doesn’t want anyone to believe that he’s biased because she called him a nigger after she stabbed him! In his mind, I’m certain that he feels that he has a reputation to uphold. Fuck that! In my opinion, he upheld his reputation when he didn’t retrieve his weapon and shoot her silly ass!

      What I will not dismissthough, is the fact that the crimes of which she committed carry a maximum sentence of thirty years or so. However, she has only served a bit over 300 days. And to add insult to injury, this violent and disgraceful drama queen is in line to receive probation! What the fuck!?

      You know what, cool. If her friends (and the Judge) are adamant that she is mentally ill and should not be placed in jail, okay. No problem. Then place her ass in an IN-SANE ASYLUM (yes, I am aware that using this term is archaic and socially incorrect; but this term is appropriate for her)and medicate her ass until she can be BETTER!

      Lastly, but definitely foremost, I will notdismiss the fact that, not only did she wish death upon a child, this piece of garbage committed an act that could have very well granted her wish!

      Side note:
      The people who are supporting this woman by refusing to acknowledge the egregiousness of her forethought and actions are just as fucked up as she is!

      2ndSide note
      …There are African American women, some of whom are/were innocent, that have spent many years in jail for Far Lesser Crimes. But in this case, because it’s Ms. Daisy, laws will be circumvented.

      : She should be charged with Animal Cruelty for killing those fish!
      For those who require definitive proof…. here is your shining example as to how White People are treated differently within our Prejudicial Judicial System!