• Constitutional Auditing........

      Constitutional Auditing

      by Piper Holiday

      Constitutional Auditing is all the rage! Specifically, let us discuss Law Enforcement.

      Seemingly effective in safeguarding the Rights of the People while in order, nullifying the ability of law enforcement entities to capriciously violate the Constitution of the United States and further trample on the letter of local and state laws.

      This tool of necessity is a wonderful concept; it would be an exceptional resource in aiding in the defense of justice if it were actually utilized as a method toward implementing positive change. Paramount in inducing a pragmatic adjustment would be the inclusion of enlightenment for the less informed, and educational based training for those of whom we charge with enforcing and upholding our Constitution.

      Notwithstanding its intended purpose is cumulative evidence that Constitutional Auditing has assumed the role of Reality Entertainment. Undisputedly, professional, knowledgeable and well-intentioned auditors exist. I doubt however, that you will locate that specific collective on YouTube.

      Professional auditors operate on the premise of advancing the betterment of their cause. Pastime auditors are opportunist who function based upon their ability to goad people into committing actions that will eventually lead to receiving some form of compensation via court settlement, or payment associated with social media quota. With that, it is an unfortunate affair that the mere mention of the term quota inspires such inefficiency in the quality of input/output.

      Terrorism, and the carnage that ensues, is a real thing. Domestic Terrorism, and the paranoia that ensues, is a real thing. Active Shootings, and the devastation that ensues, is a real thing. With that, inexperienced and ill prepared to muddle through the psyche of an extremist, I fail to contain myself from seeking to comprehend what would prompt a sane individual to stand within close proximity of a school, church, police precinct or any structure that has served as a past target of travesty, and commence with video surveillance.

      Yes, one may possess the Right to commit an act; however, under particular circumstances that does not mean that the specific action, in that moment, is in the best interest of society. It does tend to serve the best interest of the individual however.

      Normal people will concede in admitting that one has a Constitutional Right to plant oneself in front of a police precinct, record the structures’ design and have the full expectation of being unobstructed. However, if one is going to assert their Constitutional Rights, is it necessary to create a level of fear in doing so?

      Given recent tragedies, and threats thereof, is erecting one’s self in nearness to certain structures, deliberately behaving in a manner of which you’ve conspired to strike fear in your observers , and then refusing to divulge your motives, and/or identify yourself, when called upon to do so, unreasonable? Yes, it is. Therefore, anyone that believes this behavior, in the name of the Constitution, to be acceptable, is an imbecile.

      Excluding professional auditors, other than entertainment, the only purpose of the armature auditor is to widen the gap of misunderstanding between law enforcement and non law enforcement.

      By all means, Police Officers should be adequately versed on constitutionality, and current on local laws. Nevertheless, despite an officers’ inability to cite constitutional passage, and/or case law, verbatim, it is
      incomprehensible that these pastime auditors are creating such a magnitude of hatred toward the police that their YouTube supporters are calling to arms violence against law enforcement.

      Enlighten me. In your world, what is the acceptable degree of hypocrisy? You claim that your actions are predicated on guaranteeing the Rights (more specifically your Rights) of the Constitution; but which amendment gives you the right to cause harm to a person due to their lack of knowledge? I have been unable to identify that particular amendment. What I have pinpointed however, is the clear and present fact that you amateur auditors are in opposition of your own purported beliefs and you are a danger to society.

      Did law enforcement officers lose their protection under the Constitution due to becoming Public Servants? No, they did not. What is the fascination with endeavoring to humiliate a police officer by persisting that you(r) tax dollars pay their salaries ergo they “work” for you? Are you amateur auditors under the impression that law enforcement personnel are tax exempt? No, they are not. Do you know how much money some law enforcement personnel make? More than you, one would suspect. With that, in case you are unaware, Labor Laws prohibit employees from making more than their employers. With 78% probability, they pay more taxes than do you. With that, most likely, their tax dollars are paying for your subpar Health Insurance. Law enforcement officer are Public Servants. They are not here to Service the Public. If in fact you cannot differentiate between the two, according to your beliefs, an angry mob should thrash you.

      Unequivocally, law enforcement officers are expected to be knowledgeable in their profession, fair in discretionary decisions, and adhere to the written rule. Nonetheless, as unacceptable as it may be, there is a glaring difference between a law enforcement officer who deliberately violates a person’s Rights, and a law enforcement officer who, unknowingly, and without ill intent, violates a person’s Rights. Yes, the matter must be address, and yes, it may result in a litigious action which is perfectly acceptable. What is unacceptable however, is attempting to provoke a litigious action.

      It is quite pathetic how those of whom you despise are held to standards, but you Sir/Madame, are not. I am certain that you amateur auditors can cite specific amendments forward and backward. Thus, abilities attributed to the amount of spare time that you have doing nothing productive. With that, whether you are employed by a Private Benefactor, Social Media, or your Mother, as evident by the content and delivery of your work, accountability and standards were not requisites in your employment prequalification.

      You amateur auditors are a lot of intimidators hiding behind the guise of patriotism. If you long to feel special, and you sincerely aspire to be duty bound, make a difference by lobbying to have the Thirteenth Amendment stricken.

      In case you are unfamiliar, that would be the one that affirms that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT FOR A CRIME WHEREOF THE PARTY SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED, shall exist within the United States, nor any place subject to their jurisdiction.“ As no other ethnicity has been enslaved within these United States, the passage is referencing African Americans. Do your due diligence and work on that.

      Professional Auditor: You are doing an outstanding job in that of influencing change and educating the masses.

      Amateur Auditors: At 3:00 a.m., when you spy 3 individuals donning camouflage, standing in front of your residence, on public space, and filming the layout of your home, please do not trifle the police with your petty fears. There’s nothing unusual, suspicious or nefarious regarding this behavior. Those individuals are within their Constitutional Rights!