• Wendy Williams Divorce

      Wendy Williams Divorce
      By GayLord Jacobs

      I’ve always found it perplexing how people, conscious that they are in a toxic and ruinous relationship, continue to stay. Be it for love, money, the children, or simply to keep up appearances, people will use their last bit of strength to cling onto a relationship that no longer wants them.

      I am aplenty experienced in knowing that, it is much easier to think and speak the words “I am leaving” than it is to actually “leave.” But at some point, you have to say fuck it and chuck in the towel! Unfortunately, it takes some longer than others…

      Not that it’s actually anyone’s business, but since her show’s motto is “Their Business is Our Business”, Wendy Williams has put her Business out there and has shared with the world that she has Finally had enough of her husband Kevin Hunters’ bullshit and that she has taken a stand!

      As she’s spoken of on many occasions, in her younger years, Wendy fell victim to drugs, alcohol, partying, and the like. However, over the course of many moons, and up to her midlife, she had managed to put herself back together, maintain her sobriety, and handle her shit. As such, that in itself begs the question as to why she gave her cheating ass husband the power to infect her stability thus cause her to tumble off the wagon. But then again, on second thought, Wendy didn’t fall off the wagon; Kevin kicked her off the wagon!

      Wendy Williams and her husband have been together for 20 plus years. And for the majority of those years, there have consistently been rumors of her husband’s lying, cheating, duplicitous behavior and scandalous ways. But yet, she didn’t leave.

      As a direct result of her not leaving, her husband’s behavior escalated from defective to negligent in that he just didn’t give a fuck who knew what about his goings on! Granted cheating is wrong, but how do you become so arrogant, insensitive and cavalier to the emotional turmoil that you are inflicting upon a person that you once loved (or at least liked a whole lot)?

      Present day…. Knowing that his wife has been dealing with physical health issues, knowing the fragility of her mental and emotional health due to her addictions, and knowing the stressfulness of her everyday living, this motherfucker gets his Mistress pregnant? I mean, it was bad enough that he had a mistress, but on top of that, you bring a child into this world that is not of your wife?

      Now true, I could say a lot about Kevin Hunters’ mistress, but she really is not the issue? Sure, she was wrong because there was no way in four fucking hells that she did not know that her sugar daddy was married! And as many times as that jackasses picture has been display in tabloids, TV, etcetera, she knew exactly who that bum was married to.

      But, nevertheless, Kevin Hunter is the culprit here. Yeah, the mistress contributed to the game, but ultimately, it was his hand to play. As far as the baby…well, saying anything negative about that innocent child is off the table.

      Hmm, it amazes me the power that we give others over our wellbeing. But, luckily for Wendy, with the help of her sober house, she has finally seen the light. I hear divorce is in the air!!!! I wish her well…

      The only thing that I can say about love is that…….We are some very strange creatures.