• Racist Bitch

      Racist Bitch
      by GayLord Jacobs

      Some forwarded me this article the other day. Granted, it’s old but, be that as it may, it struck a chord that had me on fire! This is some of the dumbest shit that I have ever heard/read!

      The author of this garbage describes herself as a privileged white woman who has to give her unborn child up for adoption because the child will be half black. Upon reading the article, within a centisecond, it became clear that this nightmare of a woman was attempting to tug at the heartstrings of her readers and thereby gain sympathy as if she were a victim in this situation!

      This scandalous tart had the audacity to assert that, because she could not truly understand the trials and tribulations of the Black Man, it would be in the best interest of the child to be adopted by an African American family. OMG, this woman is a fucking idiot!

      This dolt further declared that, the biological father (who is obviously black) was opposed to her decision of giving up their child for adoption. However, since it was her decision, he couldn’t do anything about it. Get the fuck out of here you stupe! You don’t have sole proprietorship over what is PLAINLY a business decision for you! That’s a straight fucking lie!

      You can be a certified serial killer, bat shit crazy, or serving a long stretch in the pokey, and either way, Child and Family Services will still argue their point as to why biological parents’ rights should NOT be terminated!

      By the time CPS wraps up their shit, the child will be GROWN! So no, you racist ass maggot… you probably didn’t even tell your one night stand about the child! You’re just making up shit to make yourself feel better!

      What really tipped my ire was this statement “I can’t raise my baby in my world with my white family, white friends, white colleagues, almost everyone around me is white. It would not be fair to my child who would lose most of his cultural heritage, indeed who he really is, to the whitewashed life of me being his mother.” But you are his mother you fucking moron!

      The right decision would have been to CHANGE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING WORLD to one that would welcome, protect and nurture your child! That’s why there are so many parenting classes you ignoramus! Everyone is not naturally a good parent to the child that they bear. But, with a bit of effort, they have support in learning to become one!!!!!!

      You could have kept YOUR child if you’d wanted too. But no, the issue with you was that, your child’s ethnicity, his race, his complexion, the kinkiness of his hair, WHATEVER, was going to be too much of a distracting factor to allow either you, or your fucked up family and friends, to do what was right by YOUR CHILD!

      I generally refrain from calling women bitches because women are not bitches. But bitches are bitches, and you are a motherfucking Wafer Ass Bitch!

      In your bullshit storytelling, you hide behind the guise of there being factors that you will not disclose in a preemptive strike to stave off the possibility of white people “attempting to get you to change your mind.” Bullshit Bitch!

      Not only did you commit a faux pas in your world of WHITENESS by sleeping with a Black Man, but FURTHER, you refuse to have anything to do with Your Black Child, and you’re spewing lies and bullshit to drum up support as if you are a blameless victim!

      You know, it is true that a “leopard never changes its spots.” Lily white bitches like you, who have existed for far too long, were the cause of such travesties as the Emmett Till and George Stinney and Sacred Heart University terminological inexactitudes! And you dare say that you don’t understand the trials of a Black Man! Bitch, you’re causing them!

      “It’s okay to covet a Black Man… And it’s okay to have a sexual relationship with a Black Man … BUT, it is not okay to take one home… And it damn sure is not okie dokie to raise one!”

      Sing all of the half-baked tales of woe that you can muster up! But understand this Ms. Trifling Ass Truffles, no matter how you attempt to clean up this mess that you so willingly made, you are nothing more than a racist slut!

      I do wish this child, the one unfortunately born of you, the absolute best of both worlds. And, as long as he never falters in seeking out your sorry ass, I’ll image that he is faring well.

      OMG, after you had this baby, I hope that someone slapped your ass down to the ground and injected you with a substance that would prevent you from ever procreating! You aren’t fit to be the owner of a puppy, much less the mother of a child. Any child! Black or White!

      Maybe you could become a Horticulturist and manage to breed and keep a Blackberry Tree. Like the rest of your kind, we already know that you like the juice!