• First Amendment Right

      First Amendment Right
      By GayLord Jacobs

      Earlier this week, in Long Island New York, having been given a school assignment and choosing President Donald Trump as the Hero of whom she wanted to highlight, the parents of 6th grader, Bella Moscato, reported to News 12 Long Island that, the students’ teacher at Samoset Middle School in Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y., initially attempted to dissuade the child of her choice of Trump as her Hero, but then, proceeded to tell this pre teen to quash writing about Trump altogether! The teacher rationalized her own objection by conveying to the child that, Trump is a Bad Person because…

      Now, I’d have a front row seat speaking out against injustices, racism, political bullying, and the overall mistreatment of people. And, I’ll damn sure be the first to tell a person “pick a motherfucking side!” However, regardless of a person, especially a child, being in opposition of your beliefs, that person still has a right to develop their own core values.

      So what she chose President Trump as her Hero. That didn’t make him the Teacher’s fucking Hero! Therefore; whether or not the teacher agreed with the students’ choice was irrelevant!

      It is our responsibility as adults to offer children guidance, and to attempt to lead them in the right direction. However, which direction is right… yours or mine? That said, the fact that the student favored Trump as her Hero is really no big fucking deal.

      Sure, twenty years from now, young Ms. Moscato is probably going to comb through her box of junk from years past, run across that research paper and set that shit on fire! However, for now, she has not the life’s experience to guide her to that point.

      Contrarily, twenty years from now, young Ms. Moscato may want to frame that research paper because she cleaves to her values of today. And guess what? That’s okay too. As a society, we cannot, and should not, all share the same beliefs thus serve as carbon copies of one another. For if we did, the world would become some sort of Stepford Wives, Black Mirror, Dictatorship on high bullshit!

      Some of you may disagree with my assessment of this situation; however, think about this… how you would feel if your child came home and told you that their teacher, due to the teachers’ personal beliefs, forbade them from choosing an African American Person, or a White Person, or an Asian Person, or a Hispanic Person, or an Indian Person, as their Hero!

      Huh, I’ll tell you how you’d feel! Every last one of you would be putting on your shoes and saying, “I’m going up to this motherfucker and set it off!”And, rightfully so...

      For those of you who believe that living vicariously through a child is guiding them, it is not. That’s just your way of either trying to get another shot at something that you fucked up in your own life, or it’s your way of forcibly imposing your beliefs upon them. Both of which are wrong.

      If you see a child standing on a track and a train is coming, most definitely, snatch their ass up off the track. That constitutes ensuring their physical wellbeing.

      However, if you see a child pondering two paths, neither of which is going to cause them imminent harm, both of which may positively affect them in some manner, but more importantly, both of which will serve to guide and shape them into the adult that they are to become, stand your fucking ass on the sideline and let them choose.

      Remember… if and when they realize that this may not have been the best choice for them, there is no motherfucking rule that says that they can’t backslide, reassess, and get a do over! To which, upon them garnering our opinions…., Then, and only then, do we then step in…