• Jealousy and Envy Reign

      Jealousy and Envy Reign
      by GayLord Jacobs

      Earlier today, Craig Brewer, a 41 year old Floridian was shot and killed in a Gainesville Waffle House simply because he passed on paying for a particular woman’s meal.

      While in the Waffle House, Mr. Brewer, who was obviously in a generous mood, walked throughout the establishment, and while arbitrarily settling the tabs of some customers, he graciously handed out $20 dollar bills to others.

      Well, for reasons unknown (not that he needed to have a reason) Mr. Brewer did not gift his generosity upon a table that was clearly occupied by a ratchet ass orangutan. And, as expected, because she was in her feelings over not being privy to Mr. Brewer’s financial means, this ignoramus got angry!

      And of course, her hateful, irrational, nonsensical, misguided ass rallied the support of her No Count companion who had accompanied her to the restaurant.

      Unfortunately, Ezekiel Hicks (Mr. No Count) engaged Mr. Brewer in a verbal altercation, which then led to a physical altercation, which then led to Mr. No Count actually shooting and killing Mr. Brewer over something so goddamn trivial!

      Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Brett Rhodenizer says that this case is pretty straightforward in that this murderous ass maggot has been captured. Okay. That’s all well and fine, but I must ask, “How did they not lock that bitch up too!?”

      What kind of fucking person, and who, in their halfway right frame of mind, would instigate the death of someone over feeling slighted!? Are you fucking kidding me!? What… does this motherfucker think that she’s Barbara Allen or something!? It’s a poem dummy! It is make believe stupid!

      Die Bitch!