• The Summerbell Brown Tragedy

      Summerbell Brown

      by GayLord Jacobs

      Last week, Summerbell Brown, a 10 year old Arizonian who was riding home in the family’s vehicle was shot and killed upon her father pulling into the family’s driveway.

      Police investigating this tragedy can only speculate that this event was possibly a result of a Road Rage incident. Jesus Christ, (pun intended) are you Holy Roller Christians over that whole not believing in the Death Penalty bullshit yet!?

      The only story here is that an innocent child was killed. There are NO if, ands, buts, maybes or be –causes, as to why this societal failure occurred! Whether this atrocity was preluded by road rage, a drug deal gone badly, a broke motherfucker that couldn’t pay his rent, whatever… this is unacceptable on every level that exists!

      And for clarity’s sake, any being that would deliberately commit such an act should not be mistaken as human! For, if It were related to Homo sapient ancestry, the innate human factor would have kicked in and prevented the commission of such an egregious act.

      Sure, as humans, we are divinely created to desire, love, fight, flee, protect and survive; though, not necessarily in that order. However, the killing of a 10 year old child because you’re in a mood is not something that is intrinsically woven into our genetics.

      Therefore, the beastly species of wild organism that executed this affront should be extinguished post fucking haste! And, any motherfucker that argues to the contrary would be the same stupid ass dipshit that would argue that slavery and human subjugation are naturally inherent too!

      As I favor animals, I believe that an assortment of species can cohabitate peacefully providing we all stay our course and mine our own side of the prairie. That said, I’ll be the first to say …“There are various creatures that are capable of being domesticated.” However, on the flip side, I’ll say… “Stop fucking with wild animals! Leave them alone, and stay out of their habitat.”

      However, the offending brute that carried out this offense falls in neither of those categories. For, It can neither be domesticated, nor did It stay on Its side of the prairie. It roamed into the back yard of human kind.

      As such, and based upon Its actions…(1) It is a catastrophic creature that does not deserve to continue to breathe simply because some aspiring Noble Prize winner wants to tinker with Its brain to figure out what the fuck went wrong with It. (2) It does not deserve the diligence of a Veterinarian, PETA or the Humane Society in that of protecting animal rights. And (3) It damn sure should not be afforded the privilege of serving a 30 year jail sentence on the taxpayer’s dime! It deserves none of these privileges as It is neither human, nor any identifiable species of wildlife!

      Therefore, let us not waste our time endeavoring vain efforts to tame It. If society wants to serve this infectious parasitic critter with something, serve It a jaggedly sliced Fugu salad with a flavorful, Nightshade, Moonseed, Elderberry cocktail on the motherfucking rocks! Cheers!

      Please visit the Family's GoFundme memorial page for Summerbell at the link below.