• Cardi B., Crucify or Not?

      Cardi B., Crucify or Not?
      By GayLord Jacobs

      Where Do We Draw the Line? Before popping off, I wanted to take a moment to reflect as to what my true opinion is regarding the whole Cardi B situation. It’s in poor taste to go off on a half baked tirade only to apologize and retract your statement(s) once realizing that you have offended the masses. But me, fuck that… I’m going to say what I want!

      Cardi B admitted that, during her occupation as a Stripper, she beguiled men with the act and/or promise of engaging in licentious trysts for the favor of money. However, based upon her Rap songs, and further supported by her own admissions, she frequently committed a Breach of Contract by Drugging and Robbing unsuspecting Gents before they could “get” her. My opinion, her ass was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! However, this, by far, is no Bill Cosby, R- Kelly comparison!

      Stripping is legal, so she’s cool on that front. But, Drugging and Robbing are a different story. However, by the same token, these men knowingly solicited carnal relations from a young girl/woman in an establishment that was not a legalized brothel. This shit didn’t occur in Vegas.

      Therefore, that’s Strike number 1.
      Strike number 2; these men utilized their entrepreneurial skill, or lack thereof, to dangle a carrot in front of a clearly desperate woman. Why, for the sake of compliance? One of the worse things that you can do to a human being (man or woman)of whom you’ve found to be in a somewhat precarious situation, is to tout the potential of them being recipient of your plentiful resources; only to then, at your leisure, string them along! That’s the fucking behavior of a Leprechaun! (No, I do not believe in Leprechauns! I don’t think…)

      Strike number 3… These men thought that they were going to take advantage of a young girl/woman with minimal life’s experience. But nope, the shit didn’t play out like that…. When you grow up hungry, poor and lacking, you grow up real quick! Hustle is your middle fucking name. So, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

      Don’t be mad that you got “GOT” by a young girl/woman that flipped the script on your trying to run game ass! One, you shouldn’t have been with her in the first damn place. And two, your sole intent was to take advantage of what you deemed to be an advantageous situation. Specifically directed at the low life that now wants to claim that he was sexually abused by Cardi B… “Now what Big Daddy, you’re in your fucking feeling… seriously?” Please!

      People, you CAN NOT steal from a bank, turn around and get got by your criminal ass side kick, and then cry to the police “I got robbed of the money that I stole from the bank!” Get the fuck outta here!

      I don’t condone lying by omission, but fuck it, we all do it… Had Cardi B not opened her big ass mouth in that of bragging about her past misdeeds, I would not be pecking away at these keys! Nevertheless; men have been laying claim to all types of (erroneous as they may be) foul misdeeds within the contents of their music. All upon which was disclosed in an effort to solidify their street credibility.

      However, the majority of these men have not been brought to task on the illegal acts that they have claimed to have committed. Isn’t that a fucking confession!? If so, why is Cardi B being treated differently!? Yeah, we got Bill Cosby, and we’re working the hell out of that R- Kelly case. But even still, before we mute and crucify Cardi B, we need to deciphered and investigate all of those homicides that male rappers have laid claim to. Has that shit been done yet? Did I miss it? Nope!

      So yes, Drugging and Robbing people is some straight bullshit. But then again, so is non legalized Prostitution with a young girl/woman! Trying to get over on a motherfucker is not illegal in this sense. But, it does lend itself to misdirecting your moral compass. So much so, that it led these men straight into a trick bag. Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right. What they do make is somebody the loser in a messy situation.

      Unlike Bill Cosby and R-Kelly whom are cleaving to their assertions that they are innocent, Cardi B has acknowledged her misdeeds in these matters. That in itself speaks volumes. Further, Cardi B is not accused of raping anyone. If so, I’d be the first to say “Lock that ass up!” Sure, she’s a reformed Druggist and Thief by any measure. But a Rapist, she is not.

      That said….she gets a Reprieve!