• Trophy Elephant Hunting

      Trophy Elephant Hunting

      by GayLord Jacobs

      On Thursday, March 22, 2019, Botswana decided that it is lifting a four year ban on Trophy Elephant Hunting. The committee of cabinet members point blank disclosed that, the resumption of the trophy hunting (which is a fucking sport) will boost tourism!

      The country is operating under (hiding behind) the guise of (what else?) elephant hunting will control the species’ population, as well as fortify food resources for domestic animals as elephant meat can be utilized as pet food.

      Now, as I am not a Physician/Scientist, as I do not work for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as I am not an extremist, or vegan, and thereby knowledgeable of the difference between a meat byproduct and a bowl of tofu and, as I have never been employed at any food packaging plant, I do not purport to know what goes into pet food.

      As such, although I don’t agree with hunting, I’d like to believe, thus concede, that hunting is a government approved method that serves the purpose of sustaining the human race. Again, I am not an extremist; therefore it is not my position to condemn people for what they eat.

      However, on a different note, Fuck those Tourist! Boosting the population of tourism brings revenue into the country. That has jack shit to do with hunting for the purposes of feeding YOUR carnivorous family so that they don’t starve to death!

      And, since I am not Catholic, I have no qualm in asking “As opposed to hunting, isn’t there some form of fucking animal birth control!?” Hell, I’m sure that it exists because it would have been tested on animals before allowing humans to use it. (And yes, I disagree with that too!)

      And, those domesticated pets (well, I love animals, but…) their animal asses can eat fucking dry dog, cat and wild life food as does our animals! And if, for some reason, the domesticated animals to which Botswana is referring are various species of wild animals that require meat, cool. But guess what; if it is strictly a meat eater, it is not (and should not be) a fucking pet!

      As such, it should be in the wild foraging for its own food. See, this is why people keep getting fucked up at the zoo fucking with those animals that shouldn’t be in captivity in the first goddamn place!

      Disclaimer: I am not an advocate of violence. Claimer: However, I believe in an eye for an eye. That said, during the course of the hunt, may the predator become the prey. I hope that those elephants tusk up and trample all of those motherfuckers!

      Don’t worry; their deaths won’t go unnoticed…we’ll hold a vigil for them afterwards!