• YGI's Funniest Comedians

      YGI's Funniest Comedians
      by GayLord Jacobs

      The Daily Dish posted an entertainment list citing who they believed to be the Top 20 stand-up comedians of all times. The operable word being stand-up. So, let's not get it twisted. You may be a huge fan of a comedian's acting abilities; however, you are not allowed to merge that particular skill-set, with that of their stand-up routine, thereby boosting them to the top of the list because you're in a giving mood!

      I vehemently disagree with some of their choices, and I equally disagree with their horrible ranking system. They must have numbered that shit while blindfolded and playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey! Therefore, I am retracting their original article and posting the Real List!

      For those who have passed on, thank you for your dedication to making us laugh. Your memories will forever be memorialized by your Fans. That said, though I will not speak ill of the dead, I WILL tell the truth.

      20. Bill Hicks - Who the fuck is Bill Hicks?

      19. Bill Burr - Okay, who the fuck is Bill Burr?
      18- Mort Sahl - I not going to even ask.
      17. Roseanne Barr - Her show was a mainstay in our family room. But, as a stand-up comedian, she was just not funny. There is so much more to stand- up comedy than being insolent, crude and spitting. Hell, I get that shit from my co-workers and they’re not funny at all. They’re just rude!
      16. Kevin Hart - He should be farther down this list!
      15. Bob Newhart - Don‘t get me wrong. I like Bob Newhart. My grandmother used to watch him every week. Thus, in my opinion, his talent was suitable for TV. Taking nothing away from his sense of humor, there is a difference between TV, and stand -up comedy. I’m just saying…
      14. Andy Kaufman - Seriously? Latka? From the TV show Taxi? Whatever….
      13. Steve Martin - Dude is funny as hell!
      12. Dave Chappelle - Yep…
      11. Bill Cosby - Maybe in his time, I guess. But then again, his audience was probably drugged. We all know that... everything is funny when you’re high!
      10. Joan Rivers - Although I loved her over the top personality, she was not my cup of tea as a stand-up comedian.
      09. Louis, C.K.- uummmmmmm, okay, I’ll go with it.
      08. Chris Rock - Yeeeeees!
      07. Lenny Bruce - I know his back story, but still, uuhhh No!
      06. Rodney Dangerfield - I found his shenanigans as an actor quite tolerable. But his stand -up comedy routine was rather off putting… Well, for me anyway.
      05. Jerry Seinfield - But of course.
      04. Eddie Murphy - Lillian!!!!
      03. Robin Williams - A true talent.
      02. Richard Pryor - Should have been motherfucking #1!
      01. George Carlin - Are you fucking kidding me!? There aren’t enough hillbillies in West Virginia to have made this a true and proper vote! “Fake News, Fake News!” Sure, he’s ah’ight”, but he aint first place “ah’ ight!”

      If I can only choose 20, here goes…

      20. Larry David- His dry ass sense of humor is hilarious!

      19. Honest John- Not many could hold their own against Def Comedy Jam Comedians. Honest John has skills!
      18. Margaret Cho- This Funny girl is waaaaaaaaay undervalued!
      17. Chris Rock- He puts a hell of a twist on real life shit.
      16. Tommy Davidson- His stand-up in on point
      15. Jeanine Garafalo- She’s the female Bernard Hopkins of comedy- UNDERRATED!
      14. Damon Wayans- Funny, funny, funny… (And his book "BOOTLEG" is funny too!)
      13. Jerry Seinfeld- He can laugh at himself, and then make everybody else laugh at him too!
      12. Jeff Foxworthy- “You might be a Redneck if”
      11. Chris Tucker- I know that he’s turned over a new leaf and all, but… he can’t make us un-see the shit that we’ve already seen!
      10. Robin Williams- He was truly a super, goofy, doofus…. Loved his style!
      9. Monique - Skinny Bitches!
      8. D.L. Hughley- Had you knocked Dave Chappelle off the stage (when he was reading the teleprompter) during the Def Comedy Jam Reunion; you’d be in 7th place right now!
      7. Dave Chappelle- When you get right down to it, absent the lights, camera, and action spectacle, Chappelle is the funniest man in the game!
      6. Paul Mooney- Had he been delivering the content of which he was writing, as opposed to lending it to everyone else, he’d be lower on this list. Mooney is a comedic genius!
      5. Red Foxx- The Godfather of Comedy.
      4. Bernie Mac- “I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers!”
      3. Kevin Hart- Of course he made the short list! Pun intended…
      2. Eddie Murphy- Lillian!
      1. Richard Pryor - Need I say more?

      Honorable Mention: Steve Martin, Jim Carey, Kat Williams, Cedric the Entertainer, Arnez J., Jo Koy and that stupid ass David Cross!