• Bullying in Fairfax School

      Bullying in Fairfax School

      by GayLord Jacobs

      Mason, a six year old little boy, that suffers from Autism and Epilepsy, and who attends school in Fairfax Virginia, was bullied to the point that, not only did he sustain a black eye from being assaulted, but the residual effects of numerous head trauma caused the child to be concussed as well.

      His Mom reported that, after finding out that her child was being bullied and physically assaulted, she notified school Administrators of these events. Additionally, due to his concussions, via a doctor’s note, the school was notified that Mason was not to participate in physical education and recess.

      Of course, the school totally disregarded the medical professionals’ advice thus sent the child to recess anyway. To which, Mason was bullied and assaulted again. That said, this little boy, who suffered another concussion, and who had to serve a stint in the hospital, is afraid to go to school. No worries though. The educators have a remedy. Little Mason will be allowed to transfer to another school.

      Tap, tap, tap… I ponder, I ponder, I ponder….. The bully is a child; therefore, violence is NEVER the answer. But, what are the answers to these questions? What the fuck!? Is it me? Am I missing something? Why should Mason transfer schools? What the hell happened to expulsion!? Shouldn’t this little can’t keep his hands to himself violent Gremlin be transferred to a Charter school with the rest of the bad ass kids? Who the fuck on the Fairfax County School Board made this bad goddamn decision!?

      And the Principal…well the Principal should have the shit slapped out of them by a “I just don’t give a fuck parent!” Maybe that little demonstration would give them some idea as to the devastating impact that bullying has on children!

      And, after being assaulted, the Principal should then be transferred to another school. Maybe then their dumbass will clearly understand that you don’t re-victimize the victim. Were people just born this fucking stupid!?