• That's a Real Job!?

      That's a Real Job!?
      by GayLord Jacobs

      Wow, Meghan-Markle, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex, is currently on maternity leave. But, from WHAT pray tell? Being pregnant? Thatís a job!?

      Is she on maternity leave from being an Ambassador? Is that a real job!? I thought that being an Ambassador was like being a Consultant! And we all know that consulting is NOT A JOB.

      Not being a Hater (she seems like a nice person) but, Her Highness hasnít even had the baby yet! Once she does birth the little one, Iím still confused. Will she then be on maternity leave from being dressed by the likes of Carolina Herrera, Stella McCartney and Manolo Blahnik!? Thatís a fucking job too!?

      Man, I should have gone to school for that!