• Poor Moose

      Poor Moose
      by GayLord Jacobs

      Four Canadian wolves were relocated from, Canada obviously, to Michigan, and left in the Isle Royale National Park (a wildlife preserve on an archipelago in Lake Superior) to serve two purposes; to lessen the overpopulated Moose by hunting and killing off part of its herd, and to fornicate thus breed more little Wolf Pups.

      Oh the irony. Over the course of centuries, the Wolf population has declined. Thus, the relocation of the Wolves (with our barbaric assurance that they will be well fed) is expected to restore the Wolf Packs population to what we humans consider acceptable numbers.

      You know, I’m feeling some kind of way about this. On the left hand, I understand how the animal population can become massively innumerable, thus require human intervention in controlling the numbers. But, on the right hand, not only does deliberately having them ravaged by a pack of predators seem cruel, in the foremost of my thoughts, I have to acknowledge that, we, the humans, invaded their natural habitat with all of our excavating and building and shit thereby forcing them to migrate to areas were once they would have never ventured. And they would have never ventured to these areas as they inherently knew that they would not be naturally prolific in those environments. (Animals are kind of smart)

      What is equally disturbing about this whole Moose atrocity is that, if some overly ambitions corporate industry trended Moose Boots as the new fad, we would be on the opposite end of the spectrum in that of trying to have them overpopulate as quickly as humanly possible!

      Now, on the back of my left hand, I’m triggered over pondering the question, “If the Wolves begin to populate, but in production of numbers that we humans consider too dense, are we going to then round up some Siberian Tigers to kill off the overpopulated Wolves?”

      I get that-Only the strong survive… Let nature take its course….Survival of the fittest…. You know; all the sayings and shit that people, who were always in first place, made up. But, it seems to me that, since us, HUMANS, are always (always) interfering in nature itself, we are the ones deciding who is going to be strong and who is going to be weak. Ergo, who survives and who doesn’t.

      I understand the cycle of life; nonetheless, I must assert, there has to be a better solution to this issue. And, since we, as humans, helped create both the overpopulation and decline of several species, and, since we, as humans, have evolved from a Neanderthal mindset, we, as humans, are obligated to find a remedy that is as humane as possible.

      Until we can find it….PETA, you need to be up the asses of both the United States National Park Services and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF). Mother- nature-fuckers!