• Sue your Parents, For Living?

      Sue your Parents, For Living?
      by GayLord Jacobs

      Mr. Raphael Samuel, a resident of Mumbai, is suing his parents because they gave birth to him. Now, I donít profess to be efficiently knowledgeable in judicial proceeding; therefore, I must ask, can he even do that!? If the answer is yes, I must now ask, what the fuck has this world come to!?

      Who, just who, sues their parents for giving birth to them? To add insult to injury, this Dipshit asserts that he has a good relationship with his parents. However, because he draws his belief from an anti- natalism philosophy that argues life is so goddamn miserable, people should stop procreating, he obviously feels compelled to do due diligence in ensuring that his parents have to support him for the rest of his life!

      His parents, both of whom are lawyers, admire their sonís temerity and are taking this affront pretty much with a dose of salt and a bit of humor. Fuck that. As lawyers, they should know better! We as a society often resign ourselves to the fact that criminals escape justice and recompense due to the backlog of the criminal and civil cases clogging up the system. Well no damn wonder. The courts are littered with bullshit like this.

      Child or no, if I wouldíve said some flip shit to my parents about suing them because they gave birth to me, I would have promptly had two fucking black eyes and a busted lip! I donít know about you guys, but I think that this shit is beyond ridicules! On the down low, I know that his Mama is so sorry that she didnít swallow!

      Get the fuck outta here!