• I Have Too Many Options

      I Have Too Many Options
      By: Phillip Carroll

      We live in modern-day America. One of the staples in our culture is the fact that we have so many options for customization and preference. This is in regard to types of clothing, what kind of cell phone we buy, what kinds of cars we drive, what kind of coffee we drink, and etc.

      While this may not be a bad thing in itself, I have a small issue with the way it is turning us into an indecisive people. I donít want to propagate this idea that we should have less options. We hear jokes all the time about not receiving a straight answer to what may seem like simple questions. As this whole thing has really geared up over the last 20 years, with the advent of the internet and other such platforms, I really donít feel like we have been adequately prepared to handle this type of life.
      I consider myself to be a relatively simple person; I like to go with the flow. I know there are some who couldnít handle a life without having the options available to them, but I would consider a lot of that to be boiled down to familiarity and comfort. When we were kids and reliant upon parental guardians, we really didnít have the choice to make decisions. In many cases, we simply had the allusion of choices. Iím not sure if I am even trying to make an argument that I am upset with how things are, or that I want them to change. I just feel like I am having trouble fully adjusting to a life with just too many options. Maybe you are doing better than me and rolling with the punches, or maybe youíre like me, and you too, got issues.