• When Applied Properly, the Death Penalty is Awesome!

      July 9th, 2018

      When Applied Properly, the Death Penalty is Awesome!
      By Gaylord Jacobs

      A Federal Appeals court rejects the claim of a Houston gang member attempting to appeal his case by citing deficient legal representation. This undesirable misfit of society remains on Death Row. GOOD!

      Granted, this gang member was 21 years old at the time of his crime, but hey, whatever…you shouldn’t kill people. At least not illegally.

      This fucktard, infatuated by a set of spinning rims that he spies on someone else’s ride, decides that he simply must have them. So, he pulls out his illegal gun, and opens fire on the unsuspecting victim. Now, wounding the victim was not enough. Thus, upon realizing that the victim was still alive, he shoots him again! After which, he then leads the police on a high-speed chase thereby, indiscriminately subjecting even more innocent bystanders to his victimization.

      8 miles later, upon being captured by the police, Mr. Degenerate admits to setting this shit off because he wanted to steal the fancy rims! Considering this fact, I do believe that this is a “Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt Moment!” Therefore, what is there to appeal?

      Where the hell is the euthanization medicine? We need that cell to accommodate the next soon to be dearly departed!Condolences. You got issues!