• The definition of Racist Narcissist- “They go straight public with their shit!”

      July 10th, 2018

      The definition of Racist Narcissist- “They go straight public with their shit!”
      by GayLord Jacobs
      This is a guy that the public has charged with lawfully upholding the laws, and defending the interest of the community?

      However, as an Officer of the Courts- he sanctions shooting a Representative of the State because she’s a loudmouth.

      He specifies that he supports WHITE males immigrating into the US legally but is vehemently opposed to terrorists coming in and wanting to kill he and his family.

      I guess that no one ever explained to him that 1. Other than white males, that are a myriad of races that could immigrant here legally, and 2. There are a Whole Hell of a Lot of WHITE Male terrorist!
      Question. How will he differential between who is a terrorist and who is not? And, does he think that all the white women should be left behind?

      In San Bernardino California, a place that is heavily populated with the Latino Community, he heads up a Gang Unit. Nonetheless, that does not cause him to waiver in posting a pic of a sombrero depicting a disparaging remark that he deems representative of that same community. Wow, I wonder how many innocent people this despicable shit has put behind bars?

      The gist, we have a state prosecutor who has publicly made lude and disrespectful comments about Former First Lady Michelle Obama, he has publicly referenced inciting violence against Maxine Waters (D-California), he has publicly articulated carte blanche favor toward White Males, and he has publicly specified his disdain toward the Hispanic Community.

      Therefore, we have a government representative, an enforcer of the law, who hates African Americas, Latinos, and Women as a whole.

      Once this racist, misogynistic piece of cow shit is terminated, and the system un-fucks everything that he’s done, he should go straight to jail for the corruption that I’m sure will be uncovered! Condolences…You got issues.